Wednesday Philosophy

Carolyn Joy Simpson
2 min readNov 1, 2020


What is a life?

What gives a life meaning?

What is the journey of a soul?

What is the point? Is there anything, without a religious introspection?

Why is there an assumed blessing of good health? Unfathomably, disease can begin to ravage an otherwise “healthy” body — even a brand new human can develop a fatal organic illness, with no one to blame. Why is this considered his/her fate? Is there a cruel deity choosing that some people will be healthy and some will not? Do we dare ask such a question, risking accusatory remarks?

Why are there cells that mutate into poisonous growths that must be surgically removed, for survival? Yet, sometimes there are miraculous healings …. or enough medication to block pain and manage toxicity. We can thank scientists for developing such remedies and nutritionists for studying the earth’s riches that provide comfort and dietary wellness. Yet, can we rely on supernatural enrichment and healing? Does an acceptable level of faith offer immunity and protection from life’s maladies and horrors?

Physical death can occur at any time, even suddenly. Do we say that the ending of a life is providential, making a blanket statement of the intricate mysteries of the divine? Is free will genuine, without any control from the omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent? Why are there natural disasters and unexplainable tragedies, if there is an always good, divine source watching over us?

What is left? What is the value of a soul?

Is a soul more valuable if it is connected to a well lived life? What about a small child’s soul, leaving earth, returning to heaven? The child didn’t have a chance to make an impact in the world, besides leaving behind echoes of grief. Is there a higher purpose for such a sad event, or is it foolish to believe in a divine plan?

If wisdom is to be pursued, are there always going to be answers to satisfy the questions — or do we not only live with the questions, but should we learn how to love them? Can love exist in the questions, themselves? Unsolved, unexplained, unwarranted, unfair, …. life. Yet, it is beautiful in all its complexities and must be lived with each heartbeat and breath, that is unearned.

And that is enough for today….



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